Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugaring - Waaaay Better Than Waxing!

Then again, I wouldn't really know... I've never had my legs waxed. However, I went to this class (apparently I believe anything anyone tells me) and the owner of a local day spa was teaching it. She said that when ladies that aren't sure what they want, she'll wax one leg and sugar the other. They always come back screaming
"Sugar me!"
I figured (like I always do) that if somebody else is doing it, I can do it too... but for cheaper
So, I found a sugar recipe online.

1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp water
boil til amber color

That's it. There's nothing to it... not! 
I played with this recipe for quite a while and although I've perfected the recipe, 
I have NOT perfected the technique... yet!

I mix it all in a pan and turn the stove on low (I have a gas stove and I turn the flame down almost as much as I can) then set the timer for 16-17 minutes. I kid you not, a minute over is too much and minute under is not enough. Keep it at a low boil for that amount of time (consider your elevation too... I'm at about 4500 ft above sea level) and then pour into something you can cool it in, and later store it in cause you're not getting it out of there! 
The idea is that when it's cool, (it's WAY thick and pretty hard) then you smear it on your leg (against the hair growth) and rip it off (in the same direction of the hair growth... opposite of waxing). 
It's a food grade product so it should be better for you, your skin, your hair follicle etc... 
Supposedly after 3 treatments of so, most the hair won't come back. 
Now for the technique. I bruised the first time (quite a bit) and almost all the hair came out. It doesn't get every single one. 
The next time, I bruised just a little and most of the hair came out. 
This time, my mixture seemed to warm up too much and didn't pull out hardly any hair, but I also don't have any bruising. 
I'll be studying the technique, making another mixture, and trying it all again. I think it's worth not having to shave hardly ever again! 

So... it's 2 months later and I have an important Add-On for this post.
I've tried soooo many times to make the paste with just the right consistency.
When it comes down to it, the best thing I've figured out
is that it's easier to smear it on your leg
lay fabric over it and rip it off!
Call it waxing if you will! 
Just wash the fabric when you're done and then do it again in a few weeks.
Hurts less, it's less mess, costs less and hopefully the hair eventually stops!

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