Saturday, February 20, 2010

Legit Work From Home

I can't tell you how many scams I've seen for all that "work from home" crap. It's ridiculous! however, I've found a legitimate one and I'm speaking from personal experience. I'm doing it now!
People who are doing websites and stuff, need articles to drive traffic to their websites. (There are a few other reasons as well, but it all comes down to driving web traffic somewhere). Anyway, point is, they don't have time to write all those articles so they contract them out and I simply picked up some of the work. 
I signed up at and got to work immediately. 
Now, lest you be confused, this is not some get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, I'm only making maybe $5 an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on how fast you type and how fast you can put your article together. But that's an extra $5 bucks an hour that I wouldn't have otherwise made while my kids were sleeping... plus, I enjoy learning about some of this stuff and practicing my writing skills. 
I'm not great, but I'm fairly educated.
Honestly, it gives me some spending room to do another craft project!
I'm a fan, check it out if you want at
Good luck! 

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