Saturday, February 6, 2010

Places I Love

I'd like to be upbeat and positive, but I've just got to get this chip off my shoulder! My husband won't let me say that I "hate" JoAnn's, so I'll just tell you why I strongly don't love them! They're ripping you off!!! I've done so much with JoAnn's in the last 10 years and I'm simply not impressed with what I see. Their prices are outrageous, their customer service is terrible, and they're stingy. 
Now, that being said, let me tell you what I do like about them. They have and they're one of the few places that still carries stuff to do your own reupholstering. But I'd NEVER go in there to buy anything that isn't on sale, clearance, or can be bought with a coupon. Now, while they have found a smart business strategy, let me give you some hard proof and evidence that may make you think twice about them. Fabric is never perfect. It's never perfectly straight or on grain. JoAnns found that they could save lots of money by not giving customers that extra inch, or two inches. They cut exactly what you ask for. So a project that may only take me a yard of fabric at Hobby Lobby, now costs me a yard and 1/4 or a yard and 1/2 at JoAnns. cute stuff and a great selection...Smart, but stingy.
Places that I love, love, love include Hobby Lobby (everything is 50% off, one week or the next) and Home Fabrics. Michael's is a little overpriced, but thank goodness for coupons, and I still have some deep heart strings for Robert's Art and Craft. 
There, now I'll get off my soap box, you can shop where you want, but you've been warned. 

-the anything girl

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