Saturday, February 6, 2010

Color Help

I learned the coolest thing the other day! For those of us that are not so color savvy, these are 4 foolproof steps to put together a color scheme and have it look fantastic.  Let's say for example, that we're doing pillows for our bed. 

1. Begin with your inspiration fabric 
My choice would be a huge floral with olive green and light turquoise flowers. 

2. Select it's contrast
Perhaps a large stripe with like colors. Very sophisticated and linear. 
(This will help you avoid the "grandma effect" ex. grandma loves florals so there are florals on everything!) 

3. Select a different texture 
In my case it may be a plush upholstery fabric in black and white with a contemporary animal print. 

4. Select 2 other fabrics to tie them in together. 
And there you have it! A great way to put together a color scheme. 

This picture shows some awesome textures put together. I absolutely love it!

This isn't a major color issue... I just want to point out how the euro pillows and yellow floral pillows in front of it, are a major contrast. Then some different textures, and two fabrics to tie it all in. 
It's amazing to me that somebody could put that together. I'll try my hand at it... soon.

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