Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Favorite Website

I can't believe how many people don't yet know about my all time favorite website. Okay, it's not the site so much as it is the savings
There are so many ways and systems and I've tried half of them but I'm all about simplifying so this is what I've figured is easiest. 

I get their emails.
I go through the "new PYP grocery lists
I look at "all stores" on the pull down list. 
Click Start
Look at only the 4 and 5 star deals.
Click on whatever looks good to you. 
Print any coupons that will help you out. 
Go to Walmart, do my shopping, price match everything and 

Now for the disclaimer (and my true confessions): I'm not a huge fan of Walmart. If I had time (and no kids to carry in and out) I would go to each and every store just to keep the little guy in business. But when that's not an option, I buy into the whole "one stop shop"

I don't get any coupons in the paper. It got to be too confusing and too much to keep track of. I only use the coupons that PYP links to. (which is actually quite a bit) 

Good Luck!
Happy Shopping!

Please email me with any questions I'm always happy to help!

Just this week I went and did this and I was really going for minimal stuff. I saved almost $25 bucks!

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