Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lowest Prices?

I'm on a roll here and it's all about money... but it's just a phase.
It'll pass all too soon and I'll be back on my crafting bandwagon.
I have a bit of a soapbox speech to go on right now.
Walmart tells everybody that they have the lowest prices ever.  
Save money. Live better. 
We believe it! But, let me take you through my shopping trip just today. 

Walmart had grapes for $1.87/lb 
Smiths had grapes on for $1.49/lb
price match
Walmart had toothpaste on for $2.38.
Fresh Market had the same size toothpaste on for $.88
price match
Walmart had Braeburn apples on for $1.37/lb.
Macey's had Braeburn apples for $.89/lb.
price match
Walmart doz large eggs were $1.66.
Smiths had them on for $1.50
price match
and the winner of today's shopping trip...
Walmart had 10 lbs of potatoes for $3.47.
Fresh Market had them for $1.29!!!
price match!

I'm saving money...
and a lot more money that I thought...
just by putting in a little bit of effort. 
It's worth every penny! 

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