Monday, February 15, 2010

Throw Away Your Sponges!

I read an article awhile back about how bachelor pads are actually much cleaner than your typical woman's kitchen. The reason is because bachelors generally leave the mess confined to the sink, where perhaps the dishes stack up and germs grow. Disgusting yes, but at least it's confined to one area. Women on the other hand take their dishrag  or sponge that may have been sitting in the sink all day, moist and warm, and growing bacteria, and then they clean the kitchen counters with it, spreading germs and bacteria to every surface. This is officially more disgusting. 
My solutions? 
I have a few. Keep a clorox/water mixture close by and use that to clean your counters. It will definitely disinfect. Lysol or Clorox wipes; use them once and throw them away. Change out your dishrags every few hours than then still use a disinfectant. A little more laundry, but not much. 
I say NEVER keep sponges. They do nothing but breed germs. 
Let's change our ways and show these bachelors who can keep the kitchen cleaner

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