Monday, October 4, 2010

Refinished Lamp

So I found this lamp at DI and I really liked the shape and texture of it all. 

It was in pretty rough shape. 
It was falling apart and needed some work.
Maybe most people knew this, but there's a huge bolt holding it all together. 
What a novel idea... tighten it up a little and we're in business!

Here it is BEFORE:

I found some awesome hammered bronze paint that I thought would look nice...
and maybe it would have if I were going for hammered silver
Does this look bronze to you?

After yet another trip to the paint store, I am much happier. 
It is still pretty coppery though.

 And I lived with it this way for a week or two until I figured out how I wanted to glaze it.

 I put a darker medium over it and it took the shine off.
(My favorite... burnt umber!)

 Why would I cover my work space? I'm not doing anything messy
(If that isn't true to my Type 3 nature, I don't know what is.)

And here it is AFTER:
Ahhhhh... much better.
(Just wait until you get the story about the lampshade!)

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