Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Power Tools!!!

I just had to share the excitement
Other than my drill  
(which is technically my hubby's),  
my pneumatic stapler, my finish nailer and my air compressor,...
this is my first power tool!  
Okay, so it isn't exactly my first, but I am way excited about it! 
I am the proud new owner of a miter saw!!! 
It was a steal-of-a-deal at $20 on
(I know! That's exactly what I thought!)
Just think of all the awesome stuff I can make?! So many projects come to mind! 
I can build the furniture frames I've been wanting to make, 
I can do crown molding and trim, 
I can make those cute harvest signs that I think are so cute... 
the possibilities are endless
Now if I could just get my hands on an awesome table saw... 
(What a great Christmas present idea!!!)
I saw this post here and I've got to try it out. 
For now, I will be content... but I'm on the prowl

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