Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cheap Earrings

I found packages of these cute (but fragile) shell things 
and they already had holes in them. 

I bought 2 packages so I'd have 2 of each color. 
(They were .75 each thanks to my favorite store in the world... Hobby Lobby!)

Then I bought a few rings and the loop earrings. A set of needle nose pliers and a few minutes later 
and look how cute these are! 
(I actually got 9 pairs of earrings out of 15 minutes and less than $3.00)
Lots more jewelry to come! 
I find a great deal of savings and satisfaction come from making it myself.

1 comment:

balesfamily said...

Those are super cute Brittany! I don't have my ears pierced but one day I will get brave enough to do and then I will have to make earrings with you :)