Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hit The Floor

When we moved into our current place, the floor was hideous
I couldn't believe it! 
Nothing worked until I tried my new miracle worker...

(drum roll please)
The Magic Eraser

While these shouldn't be left in the reach of kids,
they really are amazing and work incredibly well. 

Now, less you think this is a quick and dirty cleaning project, 
let me correct you. 

It costs a lot
(around $25 or more) 
because I went through 15 to 20 sponges
and it is a full blown 4 hour work-out depending on the size of your floor. 

I worked on my hands and knees the first time (with gloves) and it took me about 6 hours. 
This time I got up on my feet and did "the Twist" and it only took about 4 hours. 
However, who wouldn't love results like these?
My floor is clean enough to eat off of and I love it! 

(Can you tell which side is done?)

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