Saturday, February 6, 2010


I heart my kitchen decor! It's the prized decor that I have in my house. I started out with my inspiration: BISTRO! 
 Don't you just love the sound? It sounds like a very hearty chef making lots of scrumptious food! 
I've kept with the red oranges, black, brown and some yellow to give it kind of an antique feel.
Letters are from Hobby Lobby (my favorite store in the world!)

Most of my scrapbook paper is from Hobby Lobby

Just mod podge your paper onto anything you want to hang up. In this case I did my letters, 12x12 inch wooden boards that Home Depot cut for me (and no, they didn't charge me) 

and my cute paper mache boxes that the country girl in me just loves.
(Not that there's much of that country girl to begin with) 

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS add some greenery! 
It will give life to all of your creations. It's just something we humans gravitate to.
(Lest anyone call me a hypocrite, I hate real plants in my house. I strongly suggest silk ones. They're my fav!)

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