Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amazing Deal On A Cedar Chest

So I found this cedar chest for quite a bargain. 
(It is real cedar inside)

 $10 bucks was all I paid and since my hubby claims that we don't have room for it in our bedroom,
I had to find it a good home...
but not without a little touch-up. 
Fortunately my sister was looking for something just like this 
so that her hubby will stop waking her up in the morning
every time he sits on the end of the bed to put his shoes on. 
(That's why my bed is like 2 feet off the floor!) 
Anyway, we followed some good advice by roughing it up a little, 
priming it 
and spray painting it. 
Spray paint has come a long way in the last little bit. 
All of it is completely thrilling
Then I reupholstered the top with some new foam and new dacron and check this baby out! 

 Oh, we added feet too. 
They were a bigger pain but are worth their weight in gold
I love them! 
I love it! 
I just can't get enough of cute stuff like this! 

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