Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cute Nightgown

I simply can't explain what I feel in my heart for my 
late maternal grandmother. 
She is the reason I sew, the reason I upholster
and the reason for a lot of other things. 
That being said, she was a professional and a perfectionist  
and I am trying to be more like her every day.
She sewed more in the last days of her life than I could possibly get to in a lifetime and 
people simply loved her stuff. 
There are a few coveted patterns around the family 
and while I would never want to take her place, 
I'd love to be able to re-create some of the amazing things that she made for me, 
my sisters 
 and my cousins 
when we were kids
This is totally my grandma
I'm glad my little girl seems to love hers as much as I loved mine when I was a kid. 
I still remember feeling like a princess every single night. 

1 comment:

Karmen said...

Love the nightie she looks a lot like grandma K huh? Are you selling these because they look very comfortable- I want to be princess too Love Karmen