Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our FAVORITE Breakfast!!!

Breakfast is the hardest meal in our house... sometimes
With one eye open I barley make it down the stairs without tripping, 
the kids are both asking for something that's not quite computing in my head, 
and I don't have a clue what my husband is even saying. 

This recipe makes things a little simpler:

Monster Pancakes
Turn the oven on to 425
Put your cake pan in the oven with a cube of butter or margarine
(less if you're looking for low fat)
Crack six eggs into the blender
Pour 1 cup of milk in the blender
(it's okay if you don't measure it... I never do)
(and you can use water if you're out of milk)
Put 1 cup of flour into the blender 
(again, it will work if you don't measure)
Shake a little salt into there
Shake a little more cinnamon in there
Blend the mixture and pour it into the cake pan of melted butter
Set the timer for 15 minutes and catch a little more shut eye while it cooks.

When you wake up, it'll taste great with 
syrup, powdered sugar, peanut butter, jam 
or whatever else you have on hand. 


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