Friday, March 19, 2010

Expensive Flowers

I can't believe what people will pay
for these adorable and cute flowers for girl's hair. 
For better or for worse,
I'm not one of those people. 
What do I always think to myself? I can make those, for less! 
Here's the clue... take out all stabilizing pieces of the flower, 
and put the whole thing back together with hot glue
It is imperative that you wrap the top of the alligator clip with ribbon. 
I read another blog that suggested putting a tiny strip of velcro 
along the inside top of the clip to stop the slipping. 
(We did go a little crazy... my daughter alone ended up with over 75!!!)
They are just that cheap and easy
Gotta love it! 
Can't find the color flower you want? 
Spray paint it!

Need a place to put all those hair clips
Find a cute... whatever... sign, shape, picture, frame etc...
and glue long ribbons onto the back of it.
Then hang it on the wall.

1 comment:

Karmen said...

Brittany you are my hero miss jackess- i love this hair bow holder - did you make this too? If so i think you should post directions because a princess lives here too. Love the blog - thanks for sharing